Stations of the Cross for Families

The stations of the cross is a great way of reflecting the love of Jesus towards us; the extremes to where Jesus would go in his sufferings even though he did not have to.

stations of the cross, way of the cross

Dear Jesus,
what have we done to deserve so much of your love.
You gave yourself totally to us
and died on a cross because you love us.

Through our sufferings within our family life,
help us to come closer to you.
We offer you this prayer by reflecting on
the stations of the cross
and specially praying for our family
and all families around the world.

Mother Mary,
please hold our hand and take us with you,
in the manner you followed Jesus on the way to the cross.

Read up on History of the Way of the Cross.

Families Choosing the Way of the Cross

Click on the link below to meditate upon each station. Please note that the little prayer, - 'Family Prayer' that follows each reflection is specially formulated for parents and older children. Younger children can instead, say a prayer from their heart.

You can meditate upon all stations in one day, or you can choose to meditate upon one station per day.

History of the Way of the Cross

God sent his only son Jesus to the world, in order to show us how much God loved us. Jesus also came to teach us how to live a good life, so we can enjoy eternal life with God. God knew that people are weak and they needed help. So, God let his Son take the human body, but not just that, He let his Son pay the price for our sins.

Jesus chose to suffer for us, so we can go to heaven. Therefore, all what we have to do now is, repent for our sins, accept JESUS as our SAVIOUR and start living a life of love.

Do we want to accept this entry into heaven?

So how did Jesus suffer for our sins?

The stations of the cross gives us a small glimpse of what Jesus went through. In reality it was far more worse – yet meditating upon just fourteen events helps us as families to offer our sufferings in this world and combine them with the sufferings of Jesus in a prayerful manner.

How did the Way of the Cross come about?

The way of the cross is based upon the gospel (Bible reflections) on how Jesus carrying his cross walked through the streets in Jerusalem towards the place of execution called Golgotha. Most of us call it Calvary or the place of the skull. The church meditates upon fourteen special events that happened to Jesus on his way to Calvary – these fourteen events are called the stations of the cross.

Every Friday at 3pm the Franciscans follow the way of the cross with the faithful. The present road is known as the Via Dolorosa, or the Sorrowful Way. The last four stations are made on Calvary in the basilica of the Holy Sepulcher.

The Catholic church later set up fourteen stations in every Catholic church and chapel, so that people all around the world may share in the rich blessings of meditating upon the way of the cross.

What can I do now to follow the Way of the Cross?

You can make your home a little Jerusalem, when you with your family can pray and meditate upon the Way of the cross.

It is a wonderful way of spending lent if you can teach your children how to meditate upon the Stations of the cross.

Please note, that the Family Prayer of the way of the cross on this website, is specially formulated for parents and youth older children. You can yet read the reflections with your younger children, but instead of the Family Prayer, let them say a prayer from the heart.

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Families Following the Way of the Cross

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