St Therese of Lisieux

St Therese of Lisieux

St Therese of Lisieux is a saint for children, teens and young adults.  She was only twenty four when called to eternal life.  At the age of two, she fell in love with Jesus and by the age of three she decided to refuse nothing of what God wanted of her.  Saint Therese of Lisieux is an ideal role model for your children to imitate. 

My Daughter - My Angel

I asked my daughter - My Angel to share her thoughts about St Therese.  My daughter is indeed an Angel God sent me.  Since she read the autobiography of St Therese, she calls St Therese ‘My Little Friend’.   Enjoy!

Around a month ago I finally picked up the book, Story of a Soul, the autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux.  I’ve known of St Therese since I was a child as mum would always tell me little things about her life.  However, it wasn’t till I started reading this book that she became one of my personal patron saints.

In encountering her beautiful soul, St Therese the little flower, also became a confidante, a mentor and one of my dearest friends.  Through her writings, she taught me how to love God and how to be loved by God.  She taught me how to live life, with pleasing Jesus as being my only goal.  She taught me how to find happiness and peace through suffering and she showed me that I didn’t have to be great to win the love and grace of God.  Rather, it was my littleness that God delighted in, as it is through making myself little, that I gave God the space to manifest His glory.

Louise and Zelie - Parents of St Therese

Therese the little flower was born in 1873 in Alencon, France.  Her mom and dad, Louise and Zilie were pious and devout parents.  The years of her childhood were the foundation of a life of complete abandonment to God’s will and trust in His unfailing love.  St Therese, my little friend, never left the innocence of her childhood and it was through her spiritual childhood that she taught the ‘science of love’. She did this through her example, her writings and her teachings of the “little way”. 

Prayer of St Therese of Lisieux for Spiritual Childhood

Prayer of St Therese for Spiritual Childhood

This “little” soul, as she commonly referred to herself, became not only Virgin and Doctor of the Church but was also proclaimed by Pius X as the  "the greatest saint of modern times".

St Therese’s “little way” of spiritual childhood upturned the belief that in order to attain God’s grace one must complete great and mighty acts of penance and heroism.  Rather, God willed to make manifest in my little friend a promise he made in Jesus, “I thank you Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to infants; yes, Father for such was your gracious will.” (Mt 11:25).  

In her littleness, my little friend became a depository, an empty vessel that God filled with His wisdom and grace.  St Therese taught me to live by the conviction that God was a Loving Father who delighted in the little offerings we- His children- gave to Him: especially gifts given with surrender, humility and childlike love.   

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St Therese wrote that the latter years of her life were filled with a spiritual aridity and desolation. It was a marvel for outsiders to understand this as she was said to have always been filled with an unaffected cheerfulness, joy and peace.  St Therese of Lisieux offered up her desolation and accepted it as an opportunity to love God all the more. My dear friend rejoiced in her sufferings, both physical and spiritual, and truly died a martyr’s death through her unwavering witness.

Saint Therese of Lisieux, Pray for us.

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