Sponsor Family Prayer and Benefit

Sponsor Family Prayer Benefits:

  • Your name or your company will be exposed to a large clientale looking for Catholic Christian faith based resources.
  • As at March 2015 family-prayer.org has 750 NEW visitors in average each day. This number is fast growing as we continue to increase the number of pages on our site. IMAGINE the growth of your business with such an increased exposure!
  • Your name and your company will gain exposure among Catholic parents, catechists, religious teachers and others looking for information Christian education institutes, Christian resources, pilgrimages and businesses etc.
  • Most importantly, by advertising on our website, you will support our mission to help young parents guide their children in the faith. We need your help to keep this website running.

How much does it cost to Sponsor Family Prayer?

  • For just $30 a month you can have a business card size ad on three pages. You get to choose your pages. For $50 a month you can have your ad on ten pages of our site.
  • There are no hidden costs and you may notice that it is a bargain in comparison to search engine advertising.
  • The $30 a month for a business card size advertisement in the right-hand side column is a flat rate. No hidden costs or no head aches.
  • What type of Businesses can be advertised on Family Prayer?

    Catholic Christian based businesses could be advertised, such as:

    • Catholic Christian Educational Institutes
    • Catholic Christian Books, book stores, online stores for CDs and DVDs
    • Catholic Christian Pilgrimages, Conferences, Retreats
    • Teaching resources for Children
    • Catholic informational websites and religious orders
    • Catholic social sites
    • Parish Websites, Diocesan websites
    • Catholic insurances and other businesses
    • Catholic travel and tour operators

    How do I make Payment to Sponsor Family Prayer?

    The payment method is simple.

  • Contact the author via the form below, stating your interest to advertise.
  • Double check your email, so we can contact you to discuss your advertisement.
  • You can send in your own business card, to be placed on the right hand column of 40 pages. We can link this ad to your own website.
  • We will then send you our bank account details for a bank deposit or online transfer.
  • You can choose to pay in three-month blocks or for a whole year in advance so you can reserve your spot.
  • Once payment is received, we will start running your advertisement for the agreed period.
  • There is no contract and therefore you can start and stop advertising at any time. However, our recommendation is that you run your advertisement for atleast 3 months before you start seeing good results.
  • The above $30 advertisement is for a simple business card advertisement, similar to the graphic with a pink Lily, seen on the right hand column of this page.

What if I don't have my own business card size advertisement to place on Sponsor Family Prayer?

  • If you don't have your own business card size ad, we can help you design one.
  • If you don't have your own website to link your ad to, please advertise your contact details on the business card, so clients can contact you direct.
  • The other option is that, we can design a promotional page for your business on our website. This will include a full-page write up about your company, with photos.
  • The promotional page will involve more work and therefore, the cost will vary depending on the size of the article and number of photos you want. Please contact Candida the author on the form below and go ahead with your advertisement.

Be a Sponsor at Family-Prayer.org

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Additional Requirements for Sponsor Family Prayer advertisers

Please note that all sponsorships will be carefully considered and chosen.

We have the right to choose or reject your sponsorship if we feel that the contents on your web site or your service contradicts with our mission.

Thank you for your support.

Wishing you all success in your business.


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