The Rosary Prayer

The Rosary Prayer is one of my favourite prayers.  However, it was only later in life, that I discovered that it was a 'Powerful Prayer'.

Rosary Prayer - A Powerful Prayer

When I was a child, although we had to pray the rosary daily, it was repetitive and boring for me.  I did not focus on the words nor the mysteries.  I remember waiting for the last decade and feeling happy that now it was coming to an end.

I don’t think our parents saw the importance of explaining what the mysteries of the rosary were all about. All what we knew was that it was a daily devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary.  I am thankful though that my parents insisted this daily devotion, as this got me questioning later in life.

Our Lady of the Rosary - Please protect us

I remember my grandfather saying the rosary three times a-day. No matter what happened in the house, he would go to a corner and pray. That was true obedience.  

Thanks to God, with child-like faith I continued the rosary prayer when I started my own family.  I remember our children from a toddler age would just pray the rosary with us, even though they could not understand why.  When I looked at their innocent faces I remember they being captured in loving devotion.  I now realise that Jesus and his Blessed Mother was doing the work and protecting our family.  All what we had to do was just obey.    

There is an old saying with regard to the family rosary: The family that prays together is the family that stays together.  So, is it important to say the family rosary? Absolutely 'YES'.

Our Lady of Fatima asked the children to pray the Rosary

It was the request of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Lourdes to pray the rosary. She taught the little children how to pray the rosary for the salvation of souls.  Therefore, I urge you moms and dads to please start the family rosary and I am sure that your children will be blessed with many graces.

Going back to my questioning the daily rosary, I researched on how the rosary devotion began; who made up the rosary prayers and what was it all about. 

I soon discovered that the rosary prayer was not just beautiful, but was all powerful in times of trouble and temptation.  I found that praying the rosary has stopped world wars, brought peace to families and stopped communism in Russia.

No wonder Pope John Paul II declared a 'Year of the Rosary' during his pontificate.

Who are the Great Men and Women who prayed the Rosary Prayer?

Great Men and Women in our church history loved praying the rosary.

Through experience, I have realised that now I can take any difficult problem to Mary Queen of the Rosary and ask her to intercede for a solution.  Through the power of the rosary, God has always answered her prayers. You too can pray the rosary in times of trouble, during temptations and specially when making important family decisions.  Mary the Mother of Jesus will come to your aid.  However, you need to have child-like faith, pray with a sincere heart and trust that whatever solution God gives you is the best for you.

The rosary prayer is in fact a meditative prayer.  During each decade we meditate upon the mysteries of the rosary rather than just repeating the Hail Mary prayers. The mysteries of the holy rosary are so powerful, because they are based on the life of Jesus and Mary.

Teach your children how to pray the Rosary

It is important that you teach your children how to pray the rosary from a very young age.  You could speak to them about the mysteries of the rosary which are based on the Bible and guide them in their meditations of the mysteries.

Mysteries of the Rosary Prayer

For children the mysteries can be explained in a simple way.  Usually children are very good in their own imagination and their Guardian Angel would guide them. 

For example, after announcing the first sorrowful mystery, you could say, 'Imagine how Jesus felt when his disciples abandoned him at the garden? They did not stay up and pray with him, although they were his friends. If you were there with Jesus in the garden, what would you do?"

Children love praying the rosary.  All they need is your guidance. 

Children Pray Rosary

When our children were in primary school, some of us parents brought our children together as family groups to pray the rosary together.  They loved teaming up with other children to pray and then later have fun. It was also good for us parents to join and talk about our faith.

Praying the Rosary will help your children build a strong relationship with Jesus and His Mother.

How do Adults meditate on the
Mysteries of the Rosary

The scourging of Our Lord at the pillar

In order to explain how to meditate upon the mysteries, we will use the 2nd Sorrowful mystery.  It is the scourging of Our Lord. In my case I would reflect on the sorrow, the agony and the pain that Jesus went through. I would also see Jesus' agonising mother - watching the whipping and scourging and feeling helpless.  She bore the pain and accepted God’s will while watching her son’s flesh being ripped off. 

While I meditate upon Jesus and Mary’s sufferings, I will offer up each Hail Mary for the salvation of souls, specially in reparation for those sins against the flesh.

You will be surprised as to how soon the rosary prayer will be over, but you will yet be in that meditative state with Jesus.

The rosary prayer becomes more powerful, as it takes you back in time - to the time of Jesus on this earth: His birth and childhood - the Joyful Mysteries, His teachings and miracles - the Luminas Mysteries, His passion and death - the Sorrowful Mysteries and his glorious resurrection - the Glorious Mysteries. 

Simeon Welcomes the Baby Jesus and his Parents

While meditating upon the mysteries of the Rosary, you will find yourself consoling Jesus during his agony, standing by Mary at the foot of the cross, gazing at the baby in the stable or at the temple while Simeon welcomes the baby Jesus.

Dear moms, dads and grandparents it is important that you first learn about the mysteries of the Rosary and meditate upon them.  While doing so, you will be able to then easily teach your children how to pray the rosary.

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