List of Prayers for Family

This is your directory of Prayers for family. Hopefully these prayers will help you at any stage of your family life. There are a variety of family prayers to suit different situations and different stages in your life.

Parents Prayers for young children during their growing ages

Parents Prayers for their Family at any stage in their life

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Prayers of Family Rosary

Praying the family Rosary and meditating upon the mysteries - the life of Jesus and Mary is a very powerful prayer.

Catholic Family Prayers in communion with Saints

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Family Prayers for the Church

It is very important that we pray as a family for the church. We need to pray specially, for our Pope, priests, nuns, brothers and missionaries. Today the church is under attack from various forces. Our priests and religious are normal human beings like us and are prone to temptation. Therefore, it is really important to hold them in our family prayer, specially invoking the protection of our Heavenly Mother.

  • Prayer for Priests
  • Prayer for Vocations
  • Prayer for Missionaries

More Intercessory Prayers

This page with family prayers will be continually updated as we add more prayers to our family prayer website. If you book mark this page or add it to your favourites list at top of this page, you can refer to Prayers for Family at any time.

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Families Following the Way of the Cross

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