Prayer for Family

Prayer for Family consists a list of parents’ prayers for the family.

If you are chosen to live in a family, you should consider yourself very blessed, as today there are many people who suffer from loneliness. Having a family to share your joys and sorrows is indeed a great blessing.

Yet today, most people are pressured with demands of their work-life, society and other pressures, that family life suffers and some take it out on their family members.

This is indeed a sad state, when the family goes a stray. This is the very reason that we Catholics should dedicate our families to Jesus through Mary. Some choose to dedicate their families to the Holy Family – Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

It is also important to always thank God for a happy family.

Here is a list of prayers for the family.

A Parents' Prayer for Family Dedication to Mary

O Blessed and Immaculate Virgin,

Our Queen and mother,

refuge and consolation of all those who are in misery,

prostrate before Thy throne, with all my family,

I choose Thee for my Lady, Mother and

Advocate with God.

I, with all who belong to me,

Dedicate ourselves forever to Thy service,

and pray Thee, O Mother of God,

to receive us into the number of Thy servants,

taking us all under Thy protection,

Aiding us in life and still more at the hour of our death.

O Mother of Mercy,

I choose Thee Lady and Ruler

of my whole house, my relatives, my interests,

and all my affairs.

Do not disdain to take care of them;

dispose of them all as it pleases Thee.

Bless me then and all my family

and do not permit that any of us should offend Thy Son,

Do Thou defend us in temptations,

deliver us from dangers,

provide for us in our necessasities,

counsel us in temptations,

console us in afflictions, be with us in sickness,

and especially in the agonies of death.

Do not permit the devil to glory in having in his chains,

any of us who are now consecrated to Thee.

but grant That we may come to Thee in haven

to thank Thee and together with Thee

to praise and love our Redeemer, Jesus for all eternity.


My husband and I would pray together for our family daily. This is something that we have been doing since our children were born. I cannot emphasise how important it is to say a prayer for family and all your loved ones on a daily basis.

Most things that goes on in the world today causes destruction to marriage and family life. The only reason my family is together and our children safe, is because of prayers. I therefore, humbly request all moms and dads to say a daily prayer for family asking God's protection.

prayer for family

A Mother’s Prayer of Thanksgiving for a Happy Family

Blessed Queen of the Most Holy Family

and Queen of chaste family life,

I thank you

and through You, Your divine Son

for the abundant blessings bestowed

upon our happy family.

I offer you my devoted thanks

for the motherhood with which my marriage

has been so graciously blessed.

I offer my thanks for the protecting hand

which has guarded us against the evils

that might have be fallen us;

For the healing hand that has restored us

in our sickness;

For the consoling hand that has soothed us

In our moments of sorrow;

For the sustaining hand that has steadied us

When trials weighed us down.

I thank you Mary, for the joys

that have so brightened our lives,

and for the Holy peace that has been granted us.

For these and all the precious blessings; spiritual and

temporal, that have been bestowed upon us

by Your tender mothering hand, I thank you Mary.

For the future, I humbly trust

in your gracious assistance for myself

and for each member of my family.

May that assistance continue with us

Daily throughout our life

and specially may it be our great consolation

in the hour of our death. Amen.

Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, make us saints.

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