Parents Prayer of Catholic Parents

A Parents Prayer is the most important gift that Catholic parents could give their children. Therefore, I would like to write the following letter to Catholic Parents all around the world.

Dear Catholic Parents,

This is my humble appeal to you. Please pray for your children at every opportunity you get. As a parent, I could say honestly, that the only solid help we parents could rely on to bring up our children in a good way is, Prayer. Not anybody’s prayer, but, a Parents Prayer is the best for a child.

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God gave us children inviting us to take part in a partnership with God. We need to bring them up so they could love God, serve God, serve God’s people and teach others to do the same. But this is easy said than done in today’s world. We parents find it very challenging to bring up our children in this manner where everything in this world directs them to the needs of money, prestige, power, vanity, honour etc.

Our values of directing our children to continue God’s work is like pulling them out of the norm. They might feel isolated, might get bullied, might feel peer pressured. How could we help our children combat all the pressures of the world?

The only answer we found was a Parents Prayer.

We pray for our children every night as a couple before we go to bed.

Even before your children come, you could pray for the coming baby. You could pray for your children as they grow up at every stage of their life; from birth to marriage and even up to death.

A Parents Prayer is the most valuable. I could not put in words as to how many challenging incidents that we have overcome in our parenting role through prayer. So, please I beg you, whatever your situation is, however bad it looks, how helpless or hopeless you feel about being a parent, just humble yourself in God's presence and pray for your children. You will definitely see wonderful results, if not immediately but soon.

I would conclude this letter wishing you God’s blessings and leaving you with some prayers that we used over the years as parents.

With lots of blessings,


Author of

parents prayer, prayer for family, family prayer

A Parents Prayer to Our Blessed Mother for a growing infant

Tender Mother of the Infant Christ

My child is growing every week. Thank you.

Nourish it always

ask God to give this little one

strong limbs and a healthy body.

Keep your Mother’s eye on it, asleep and awake,

so that my child may grow like yours

in wisdom and age and

grace with God and men.


A Parents Prayer of blessing for an infant

O Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God

Begotten before all ages,

who wished however to become an infant,

who loves the innocence of childhood and

did take the little ones offered to You

and tenderly embrace them and bless them;

Protect this infant with the blessings of Your sweetness,

and grant that the forces of evil may not harm its soul.

Grant that advancing in age and wisdom and grace,

it may ever be pleasing to you,

who liveth and reigneth with God the Father

In the unity of the Holy Spirit.


parents prayer, prayer for family

A Prayer to the Guardian Angel of the child

Holy Guardian of my child,

from the first moment that I conceived

You were made by the all loving God,

Guardian and Protector of my child.

Guide this child in all his(her) ways.

Show him(her) the will of God,

Teach him(her) the commandments,

Obtain for him (her) the grace and strength

to do God’s will and obey His laws.

Help him (her) to overcome

the temptations of the world and of the flesh,

to walk the narrow part of virtue and after death

to live with You in the eternal bliss of Heaven and

Praise God for ever.


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