A Mothers Prayer for Her Children

This mothers prayer for her children is through the intersession of Mary the mother of Jesus. Mary was the most patient, most loving mother, who suffered most watching her child die. Although she was sinless, she was fully human and she felt every pain as a mother.

Mary did not seem to do anything spectacular in the eyes of the world. But the extra ordinary events in her life and her simple duties as a wife and a mother made her the most loving of mothers.

We Catholics believe that Mary the mother of Jesus is also ‘Our Heavenly Mother’. Therefore we have every right to ask her to intercede on behalf of us ‘Mothers’. Mary is the best protector for our children.

I say this mothers prayer daily for our children and I trust that Our Heavenly Mother looks after them. I am sure that you can put your children in her loving care.

Holy Mother Mary,

Who by virtue of your divine motherhood,

Hast become mother of us all

I place the charge which God has given me,

under your loving protection.

Be a Protecting Mother to my children.

Guard their bodies and

keep them in health and strength.

Guard their minds and keep their thoughts ever holy

in the sight of their Creator and God.

Guard their hearts and keep them pure and strong and

happy in the love of God.

Guard always their souls and ever preserve in them,

faithfully, the glorious image of God

whom they received in Holy Baptism.

Always Mother, protect them and keep them

under your Mothering care.

Supply in your all-wise motherhood,

for my poor human deficiencies

and protect them from all evil.


Queen of the Most Holy Family,

Pray for us.

The author of this mothers prayer is unknown. It is a prayer from a little book called the ‘Mother’s Manual’ given to me in 1990, when I first became a mother.

Fr John Herat, an OMI priest in Sri Lanka had compiled the ‘Mother’s Manuel’ from prayers he received from all over the world.

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I know that my heavenly Mother have always protected my children and will continue to protect them in the future.

God gave us two children of our own. In addition, we were gifted with many more children who are friends of our children. Their friends from the church youth group, school, university, work, our nieces, nephews and all my scripture class children are children given to us by God.

Therefore, when I say this prayer for our Son and daughter, I also remember all our extended children in this prayer. I am sure that all our children are under the loving care of Mary our Heavenly Mother.

You who are reading this too will receive the blessings of this prayer. If you are a mother, you will find this prayer very comforting because, you know that Mary is praying for your children.

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