Mary Mother of God

mary mother of god

Today, the 15th of August is the Assumption Feast of Mary Mother of God. There was a beautiful festive mass celebration at St. John Vianney’s Parish, Doonside. This was the small parish, where our children’s faith was nurtured during their primary school years.

At the mass celebration of the Assumption Fr. John O’Neil spoke about the wonderful family life that Mary would have had with her Son Jesus and her spouse Joseph. He spoke about the sorrow they both faced during Jesus’ passion, and the separation from his mother after his death and Ascension.

Fr. O’Neil then asked us to imagine the Joy of Jesus in heaven waiting for His mother to be taken in body and soul. This was the Assumption of Mary.

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the ark of the covenant, mary mother of god

God chose Mary’s womb to carry Jesus, and therefore she is known as the new Ark of the Covenant. This means the Dwelling Place of God. (You may read about the New Ark of the Covenant at the link below.)

Mary chosen to be the dwelling place of God, is a reason that Mary the Mother of Jesus being called Mary Mother of God. If we believe that Jesus is God, then definitely Mary is the Mother of God.

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God chose Mary’s body to be the dwelling place of God and therefore, God did not let her body corrupt. Mary therefore, was taken to heaven in body and soul. Hence, we celebrate her Assumption into heaven.

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The Gospel of Luke Chapter 1 verses 39-45 says upon the arrival of Mary at Zechariah’s house, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leapt for Joy.

Then Elizabeth filled with the Holy Spirit exclaims in a loud cry “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! And why is this granted me, that the MOTHER OF MY LORD should come to me?

In this Gospel passage we again know that Elizabeth addresses Mary as Mother of My Lord, meaning Mother of God. In the early days people addressed their king and master as ‘Lord’. For Zechariah and Elizabeth who were faith filled people, their king and master was ‘God’.

Therefore Elizabeth addresses Mary as “Mother of My Lord”.

Elizabeth continues to exclaim in Luke 1 vs 45, ”And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfilment of what was spoken to her from the Lord”. This was God’s promise about the coming of the saviour.

Mary was the vessel, whom God chose for the salvation of mankind. God chose Mary to be His mother, so He could come down to earth and give His life for us. Therefore, we call our heavenly mother, Mary Mother of God.

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As the Mother of God, Mary took part in her son’s sufferings to redeem the human race. She had to watch her son being scourged at the pillar, being falsely accused, whipped and tortured. Mary walked with Jesus on His journey to Calvary watching Him carry that heavy cross. She watched him being nailed to the cross and suffered with Him until he took his last breadth.

Imagine the heart-ache of this Mother? I could not bear the pain when I saw my son bruised all over his face after a bike accident. Imagine the suffering that this Mother had to undergo? She is definitely God’s Co-Redemptrist of the human race and hence we call her lovingly, Mary Mother of God.

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