Saints Louis and Zelie Martin

Who are Louis and Zelie Martin?

Saints Louis and Zelie Martin are one of the rare married couples who have been recognised by the Church as saints.  They lived their marriage vocation to the best. Not only they lead each other towards holiness, but they also lead their children towards holiness.  One of the children is our well known, St. Therese of Lisieux – The Little Flower.

A quote from St Therese about her parents was, “The Lord gave me a mother and a father more worthy of heaven than earth”.

What is it so special about their Marriage ?

In fact there is nothing special about Louis and Zelie. The lived an ordinary family life. They played, laughed, celebrated; they suffered, cried, lived through economic collapses, struggled with sickness, death, loneliness. They were a very real family. The difference is that they loved God so much, that their every action, thought and decision were directed towards God. Louis and Zelie depended on God to strengthen them when they faced a crisis. Specially during their children’s deaths.  Four of their children died at a very young age. Imagine the pain of parents.  Scroll through to read more about Saints Louis and Zelie Martin.

Prayer to the Holy Family through the intercession of Saints Louis and Zelie Martin

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in you

we contemplate the splendour of true Love.

Through the intercession of

Saints Louis and Zelie,

we ask, that our families too

be places of communion and prayer,

 authentic schools of the Gospel

and small domestic churches. 

Holy Family of Nazareth, may families

never again experience violence, rejection

or division. May all who have been hurt or

scandalised find comfort and healing. 

Jesus, Mary and Joseph to you we turn with trust; help us always be mindful of

the sacredness of marriage,

family life, and its beauty in God’s plan.

Saints Louis and Zelie Martin pray for us.



A Brief family life of Saints Louis and Zelie Martin

  • Zelie and Louis married in 1858 in France.
  • They had 9 children out of whom 4 died at a very young age.
  • The 5 daughters who lived, all consecrated their life to Jesus. The youngest was Therese of Lisieux who taught us how to arrive at sainthood by following her ‘Little Way’.
  • Louis and Zelie always looked after the poor, the unfortunate, the sick and destitute.
  • They prayed the daily rosary as a family in front of the Blessed Mother, who was called ‘The smiling Virgin’.
  • Loui and Zelie loved going for daily mass and spending time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • They ran their own little businesses to provide for the family and help the poor.
  • Teaching their children about God, and how to live an authentic  Christian life (by loving God and loving their neighbour) was their priority
  • Zelie died at age 45, after suffering from cancer.
  • Louis raised his five daughters until they left to the convent one by one.
  • Louis later suffered from dementia, struggled for many years and died in 1894.
  • Saints Louis and Zelie Martin were beatified by Pope Benedict the VI in 2008.  They were canonised by Pope Francis  in 2015.
  • Louis and Zelie were heroic in their virtues and  great role models for us, who strive to live our marriage vocation to the fullest.
  • The Church celebrates the feast of Sts Zelie and Louis Martin on 12th of July each year.

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