Life of Saints

Why are Catholics interested in the Life of Saints? 

Catholics are interested in the life of saints as they are normal human beings who lived a life in allegiance to Jesus. It is much more easy to relate to the life of a saint or learn from them as they are like you and me who strive to follow Jesus.

How Does the Life of Saints Influence Us?

Saints in general lived a good life.

However, most of them were not born perfect.

St Therese would get upset for the slightest thing, as a young girl.

Some had to struggle through their own weaknesses. St. Peter denied Christ three times before he professed his love for Christ three times. St. Paul was persecuting Christians before he became a zealous preacher who travelled the world to proclaim the good news.

It is the conversion story of the lives of saints that causes an impact on us.

Is it easy to teach children about God’s love, through the life  of saints?

Yes, because saints were normal human beings prone to temptation like us. Yet, in their desire to live a good life, they would fight the temptation through prayer and acts of charity.

Our Lord Jesus was tempted too. But it is easy to say, that Jesus can resist temptation because He was divine. But then saints resisted temptation too, by gaining strength from prayer, fasting and penance.

This is the reason, Jesus allows his followers, the saints to teach us and help us. Because through their trials and errors, we can easily learn how we too can rely on God’s mercy and grace in order to improve our lives. St. Augustine’s life story is an excellent example.

Do Catholics Adore Saints?

No, Catholics DO NOT adore saints. Catholics honour saints for their exemplary life and we ask them to pray for us, so that we too may live a life in allegiance to Jesus Christ. The life of Saint Monica as a wife and mother is an inspiration to all wives and mothers.

We Catholics learn through the stories of the life of saints that we too can experience God’s love and live an extraordinary life; because WE ARE ALL CALLED TO HOLINESS!

Why do Catholics have pictures, statues, medals and icons of saints?

Its normal human nature to hold and cherish photographs, memorabilia and legacies of people we love. In my home, I have photos of my father who died, when I was sixteen. Dad was my hero. He used to be a soldier and I often speak to my children about his courage and braveness. It is his photographs and personal items that often bring back the memories.

Every family, every community and every country holds their heroes in great honour. They would celebrate their death anniversaries, hold a great display of photos and memorabilia and give tributes to their heroes. There is no exception in the Catholic community.

Here is Mother Teresa, a heroic woman whom people believed to be a living saint during her time. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India was honoured by not just the Catholics, but the Hindus, Muslims and other faiths around the world.

It is human to love, honour and imitate the men and women who lived a heroic life for God. In the early church, the Apostles and Christian martyrs were honoured for their virtuous life and heroic deaths.

Afterwards the Church added other great saints to the list, so we could meditate on their outstanding practice of virtues and strive to imitate their good life.

What does it mean by 'Communion of Saints’ in the Apostles Creed?

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The whole Christian community believes in ‘Eternal Life’. In this case, all people who lived a saintly life on earth, even after death, are yet LIVING in the presence of God.

This means, that when we are in ‘communion with God’, we are in ‘communion with the saints’. There is a spiritual union between all saints and us.

Why do Catholics ask saints to ‘Pray for us’?

Because we are in communion with saints, who live in the presence of God, we can ask the saints to intercede on behalf of us. It is just like asking a good friend who lives a holy life to say a prayer for us. I often ask my mum and my brother to say a prayer for me or for my children. Asking a saint to pray for us, is a very similar act.

How can we study the Life of Saints ?

books on life of saints, life of saints

Reading about the lives of saints and reflecting upon them is invaluable. My mum bought us heaps of books on the ‘Life of Saints’ when my children were little. Every night it was a ritual to read them a story.

I am sure that some of these stories have stuck with them, and would become useful when they face life’s challenges.

During the time that I was creating this web site, I was reading the Life of St Therese the Little Flower and then Saint Theresa of Avila, a wonderful inspiring woman who persevered through her own trials.

Write about Your Favourite Saint

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List of Catholic Saints

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