How to Pray?
Am I Praying Correctly?

Sometimes we wonder how to pray - whether our praying method is right or wrong? The good news is - there is no right or wrong way.

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A tip from Candy:

The best person to ask help on ‘how to pray’ is, Mary. She is the Mother of Jesus, and she knows best.

Here is a beautiful little story on praying.

A young girl who lived with her grandfather realised that her grandfather was not going to live too long. He was bed-ridden. She feared as to what would happen to him after death, as she had never seen him pray. She decided to ask her parish priest to visit her grandfather and speak to him about prayer.

When the priest entered the grandfather’s room, he saw an empty chair by the side of the bed. The priest asked him, “Were you expecting me?” The man said, “No, I did not know that you were coming – yet it’s a nice surprise?”

The priest then told the man, “I thought the chair was left for me”. The old man then smiled and said, “Oh! That chair is where Jesus sits. Jesus visits me daily and we have a long... long chat.” The priest realised that he did not have to teach this man how to pray. He left after a friendly chat.

A few days after, the old man died. The priest attended the funeral and he heard that people were puzzled as to why the grandfather had dragged himself out of bed and passed away with his head lying over the chair.

Only the priest knew why, and realised, ‘what a happy death!’

This story shows us a most beautiful way of praying?

Listening to Jesus in an intimate way and knowing that He is your best friend, is contemplative prayer. Most times you don’t have to use words. But just be there with Him – with the one who loves you most (mentioned by St. Theresa of Avila).

During busy days, you might think, I don’t have time for prayer. But do you know that among all the business, you can keep talking to God, trusting that God lives within you. It’s a matter of being aware that God is always with you.

I teach my children, to talk to Jesus every time and any time, reminding them, “Jesus is always with you. Whether while playing or studying or at difficult times, just talk to Jesus”.

Verbal prayer is mainly used when we pray in community, at church or with our family or with a group of friends. Verbal prayer is as important as quiet prayer. When we pray in community, we lift each other up to God. Praising and worshiping our Heavenly Father as one family, is a wonderful way of praying. We can also pray for each other in community, specially for healing and thereby we enrich each other’s faith.

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Young people love song, music and dance in prayer. When it is God who made us, and gave us all the creative gifts, why not use one’s whole body and talents to worship God. Song, music and dance is another beautiful way of praying. With courtesy to Kari Jobe at the end of this page is a prayful song.

When our family pray together, we often use scripture prayer.

After the Bible reading, I ask my children to reflect upon, “So what do you think God is telling us through this passage?” It is amazing to listen to children. They would often share insights that we would have never thought of.

After our sharing, we then go into silence, and listen, “What is God telling me today?” These meditative prayer times are very special. Often you feel overwhelmed by God’s love for you – something we may not have realised, if we did not give the time.

More information on how to pray:

Now you know that prayer is a conversation with God, and you can talk to God anywhere, anytime in any form.

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