Hail Holy Queen Prayer

The Hail Holy Queen prayer which is also known by its Latin name, the Salve Regina, is one of the most beautiful rosary prayers.

How to pray the words of the Hail Holy Queen Prayer?

hail holy queen prayer, hail holy queen

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The Hail Holy Queen is commonly said at the end of the rosary and during morning prayers.

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However this prayer could be said at any time interceding Mary specially, in times of danger or grave illness.

Through the Hail Holy Queen, we address Mary Mother of Jesus , as our ‘Holy Queen’. The reason being, that we treat Jesus as ‘Christ our King’ and therefore, Mary His mother becomes ‘Our Queen’.

hail holy queen, mary queen and mother

Why do we pray the Hail Holy Queen and what do the words mean?

I was wondering who could have written this beautiful rosary prayer, and what could have been the situation of this person when they wrote the prayer. Following is just my analysis, which however could be totally different from another.

When I looked at the words of this prayer, it seemed to be,

a prayer that came from the heart of a very humble soul.

Someone who accepted their sinful state as, ‘banished children of Eve’

The soul seemed to be in sorrow, may be for hurting Jesus; ‘weeping in this vale of tears’

and begged Mary, our holy Queen to have pity, ‘mercy’ on the soul and take it to heaven - ‘show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb Jesus’

The soul gives full honour to Mary and tells her that she as the Queen,

has the authority to plead on behalf of us sinful souls.

The soul begs Mary to pray for us as the holy Mother of God

so we come out of our misery, the sinful state and sorrowful state.

author hail holy queen, blessed hermann

I was amazed as I did further research to find the author of this wonderful rosary prayer, the Hail Holy Queen. I found that an incredible person, Blessed Herman, a cripple Benedictine monk in the 11th century, was who wrote this prayer.

Blessed Hermann’s life itself is amazing and no wonder comes out these beautiful words towards Mary, ‘Holy Queen - Mother of Mercy - Hail our Life – Our Sweetness – Our Hope’ whom he took to be his mother.

From the age of seven Hermann was cared for by Benedictine monks as he was born deformed. Yet with his physical ailments, he was a genius and a famous religious poet – no wonder the Hail Holy Queen prayer. Learn more about Blessed Hermann.

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