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Hello ! I am Candida. Thank you for visiting our family prayer website.

I guess that you were looking for resources in order to improve the prayer life of your family or others in your care.  First of all, I would like to warmly welcome you to our prayer community and wish you God's blessings.  Isn't it wonderful to know that through Christ now we all belong to ONE FAMILY with His Mother?

If you are a non-Catholic, I yet welcome you to our family of Christ and His mother.  Please use the form below to ask any questions about our Catholic - Christian faith. 

You may also ask questions about teaching the Catholic - Christian faith to your children.  I am not the expert, but I will definitely contact a learned person and help you if I don't know the answer.

I am an ordinary Catholic Mum who is passionately in love with Jesus, and want to share my experiences as a mother.


I always desired to guide my children towards Jesus. 

Here again I am not the expert, but someone else who is totally in love with God, totally in communion with God, the hand-made of the Lord, the totally pure role model for mothers who helped me. She is the Virgin Mother Mary. Have you tried asking her help?  She is THE BEST!

A little bit about Candida (myself)


My husband and I were blessed with two wonderful children. Our children are God’s precious gifts to us. I consider that being a mother or a father is a “Partnership with God”.  We are ever thankful to our God for giving us this opportunity to be partners in caring for His children.

My website is a little tribute to this wonderful God our Father, to my beloved Jesus and his mother. May God our Father be praised and loved forever!

Outside my role as a wife and mother, I am also a volunteer Scripture Teacher in our public school system where Christian education is not a part of the curriculum. I feel privileged to help young children learn about God and experience God’s love for them.

I also help mothers who are distressed due to an unplanned pregnancy through phone counselling.  This work is sometimes challenging and needs your prayers (please, Candida is serious), so that our young mothers will love their unborn babies. It is our Christian obligation that we protect the unborn baby by protecting the pregnant mother.

Currently, I am also completing my degree to work as a Christian Family Counsellor. 

All these opportunities to help people know that God loves them, I consider as a blessing. In return, all those whom I come in contact with have taught me about God and enriched my life.  It is always a two-way process.

My life as a mother, a wife, a teacher and a counsellor would never be the same if I did not spend time in prayer. Communion with Jesus through daily mass, adoration and silent prayer is a crucial part of my life. Spending time with our Blessed Mother, praying the rosary and meditating upon her life with her son has been a great strength in my spiritual journey. I invite you try this devotion to the Holy Rosary. 

If you focus your mind on each mystery and the intention that you are offering it for, I promise you the prayers don't become repetitive.  Instead each Hail Mary becomes a wonderful love song. Don't give up when you are discouraged; persevere and you will discover the wonderful tressures that the Queen of the Rosary could give you.

The Carmelite spirituality and being a secular member of the Discalced Carmelite order has helped me develop a love for quiet prayer.  Quite prayer helps you build up that intimate relationship with the one who loves you most - JESUS.  Candida’s little secret: I go into this silent prayer inviting Jesus' mother and His father to hold my hands and take me to their son.  Believe me, with Mother Mary and St Joseph on either side, no other thoughts can distract you.

My mission through the Family Prayer website

Having received the blessings of Christian motherhood, I want to help other young mums and dads teach their children about our Catholic faith and about God’s love for them.


My hope is that, as a result of experiencing God’s love, our children’s lives will be filled with Joy and that they would in turn help others experience this Joy.

When I started creating the family prayer website, our children were in their teens. I know that some day they and their friends would make use of this website to help their own children or children in their care.

How can you use the content of this site?

The content of Family Prayer website is protected by Copyscape. Therefore, please do not copy content onto another website for publishing. Neither can you use content for publishing via print for commercial purposes.

You can only use the content of for the purpose of learning and teaching your faith in a non-commercial manner.  For example, use the prayers and resources for helping children pray or for your own personal family prayer.

If you need to print a few copies for using among your community, you may kindly acknowledge the website, in your printed material.

Personal pictures of family and friends on this site cannot be used or printed. You need to obtain special permission from the individuals before you use them. I hope that you would respect this request. Please contact me through the form below if you have any further questions.

Feed back and Thank You Notes

I would be very happy to receive any feedback, if the content of family prayer has helped you.  If you used any resources for teaching your children or sharing your faith with others, please let me know if they experienced a positive result.

In addition, I would be happy to receive stories or reflections on the writings of your favourite saints, reflections on truths about our Catholic faith, your personal experiences about God’s love, events where you felt God's intervention in your role as a mother or father and any special prayers. If I choose to share these reflections on my website, I will contact you for permission to publicise them with your name.

God Bless You and Your Family.

Candida of Family Prayer website

P.S. Please remember to use the form below, for feedback or questions.  Thank you.


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