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Are you really looking for Christian-Based Marriage Help or did you come across this page by accident?  Are you a Catholic or Christian, wanting to strengthen your marriage on God? Then you are in the right place.  If you stumbled upon this page by accident, yet you will benefit from its content.  

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Christian Marriage Help is where we emphasise that strong marriages and strong families are built on God’s Love.  Yes you heard me right . Marriage is purely built on God’s love. Because, from the beginning, it was God who intended marriage. 

Are you ready to know more?

How and where does God fit into our Marriage?

Is this a new concept, that it was God who intended marriage?  Let me guess some of the thoughts / questions that might be in your mind right now.

“We are two different individuals; how can God solve our problems? It was blind love, when we met first... it was a big mistake.  I am sure that God did not plan all this. He would not want us fighting all the time.  First of all, if God was involved, God would have not put us together.”

“Truly, are marriages made in heaven?  Really? It sounds like a joke.”

Dear Husbands and wives, you are not alone with such thoughts. I had similar questions and thoughts, when I was struggling in my marriage.  My husband and I are now married for 29 years, as at 2018.  We have two grown up children whom we just adore. They are one of the greatest treasures God gave us. Our faith in God, God’s love in our marriage and our love for each other, are among the most valuable treasures in our life. 

We have been through a roller coaster in our marriage relationship. Therefore through Christian Marriage Help, I will share about my own experiences and how you too could strengthen your marriage.

Ups and downs in marriage is something that you will always have. It is a sign of “falling out of love” and “falling in love” again and again. But as you learn how to jump the hurdle each time, you will notice that the frequency of down time will reduce.  We find that the frequency of “falling in love” increases and God strengthens our marriage bond. It is as though, we cling on tight to a stronger power as we go ‘up and down’.  We know that this power or bond that holds us together is GOD – The Love of God. 

Going back to the first question: Are marriages made on God’s love? Yes, because it was God who created man and woman and gifted them to each other. He not only gifted them to each other, but he blessed them. We read this in the Bible: Genesis chapter 1. 

Candy’s 1st tip: Read and become aware that your marriage is built on God’s love and reflect upon it regularly. 

How will Christian Marriage Help support us in our marriage?

At Christian Marriage Help we will share with you, some very practical examples on how to save your marriage.  We follow the teachings of the Bible on how to build intimacy in marriage and keep that friendship in your marriage ALIVE.

You can obtain support by:

  • Reading and learning the tips from stories shared on Christian Marriage Help
  • Receiving weekly newsletters via email with tips on how to build marriage intimacy
  • Following a weekly online workshop on “Building Friendship in Marriage” (run for your local church groups or friendship groups). These can be delivered face-to-face if needed.
  • Individual and couple counselling (face-to-face or online) for strengthening your marriage with God
  • If you would need urgent help, please email me on  or else please fill in your details on the Contact for Christian-Marriage-Help

We will show you how we put all effort to grow your friendship, what techniques we used to overcome past hurts and how we keep nurturing our marriage, our relationship with our children and our relationship with God.

Candy’s 2nd tip: Marriage is like a garden.  The garden needs not just soil and sunlight; but needs regular weeding, watering and fertiliser.  If we are to make our marriage like a beautiful flower garden that will glorify God with its blossoms and perfumes, we need to give our best to nurture our marriage.

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God Bless you and thank you for your support.


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