Catholic Sacraments

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What are Catholic Sacraments?

If a parent was asked, “What sign or gesture would you use to show your child that you loved him or her?”, the most common answer would be “I would give them a nice hug”.

But how would God our Father show His love for us - His children? God cannot physically hug us. It is through the sacraments that God can show his love to us.

Catholic Sacraments are a sign of God’s love for us. Through the sacraments God shows us that he is always with us, and that he wants to embrace us when we are hurt.

Through the sacraments of the Eucharist and the mass, God shows His love, by giving his only son Jesus to us.

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Through the sacrament of penance, God our father embraces us with love, compassion and forgiveness in the same manner as the prodigal son, who was embraced by his loving father.

Most of us sadly take the Catholic sacraments of our church for granted. We need to learn more about the sacraments in order to experience God’s wonderful love for us.

We Catholics are so blessed, that we have Sacraments to experience God’s love during the special times in our lives; When we were born, when we want to enter into marriage, or times of sinful struggle, or nearing death.

Out of the seven Catholic sacraments, there are two sacraments that we can receive as often as we want to. One is Holy Communion and the other is the sacrament of Penance (some call it Confession).

My heart breaks when I think of those loved ones who left the Catholic church to join another Christian denomination. I pray that the Holy Spirit will help them realise what they miss, and guide them back to the Catholic church.

What is the sacrament of Baptism?

Baptism is our initiation into the church. Through our baptism, we are called to be part of God’s family.

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Baptism gives us the right to ‘Belong’. We are no more just human beings, but we through our baptism are called to live a life of love and allegiance to God.

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What is the sacrament of Confession?

The sacrament of Confession is to repent for our sins, seek forgiveness and reconcile with those whom we have hurt and to experience God’s intimate love.

confession, sacrament of reconciliation

Most people are afraid or doubtful of this sacrament. In fact the more you get to know about this sacrament, the more you will experience God’s loving embrace and compassion towards us.

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The sacrament of the Eucharist or First Holy Communion

Receiving Jesus through Holy communion and knowing that Jesus is within you, is the most beautiful experience. We become one with Jesus. Jesus’ body and blood mingles with ours. Imagine God’s Divinity combined with our Humanity!

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What is the sacrament of Confirmation?

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The sacrament of Confirmation is receiving the Holy Spirit later at a mature age. The power of the Holy Spirit will enable us to courageously take action according to the way it pleases God.

Jesus’ Apostles were scared and confused after Jesus’ death and resurrection. But, after they received the power of the Holy Spirit, these twelve ordinary men got the courage to preach the good news to the world. Today there are Christians all over the world and all this began with twelve ordinary men.

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The Sacrament of Marriage

Out of all Catholic Sacraments, the sacrament of marriage is so divine and yet so human. God shows His love for us in an intimate way, through the love we share with each other as husband and wife.

Sadly this sacrament is taken for granted in today’s world. Couples marry, divorce and again marry as easy as changing clothes. It is sad that people don’t realise, the sacredness of marriage.

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The Sacrament of Holy Orders

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The Sacrament of Holy Orders is another type of marriage. The person receiving this sacrament, is in fact committing whole heartedly to a marriage with God. The person loves God so much, that every other passion in life becomes second to God.

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The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

anointing of the sick, sacrament

Here again God shows his love for us, as we near the end of our journey in this world. God comforts us and re-assures us that He is with us, in this lonely time.

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The Catholic Sacraments are a gift to us – God’s Children. We need to treasure them and receive them as often as we can. In this manner we can experience God’s love for us as often as we want to.

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