Catholic Prayers

What is the Difference between Catholic Prayers and Christian Prayers?

In fact, the difference is very minor – It’s on ‘How Catholics Pray’. Catholics pray to God with the saints and angels. Catholics pray as a community. Not just the earthly community but with the Divine community.

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How fortunate are we Catholics, that we have a Heavenly Mother to intercede for us? It is Jesus’ own Mother. In addition we have the angels and saints praying for us and guiding us all the time.

Some of the common Catholic prayers are:

Prayers to Saints

Intercessory prayers of Catholics

I kindly invite you to subscribe to this list, any additional Prayers which are unique to Catholics.

A small tip for Meditation:
Before I recollect myself for quiet prayer, I invite Jesus' Mom and St.Joseph to hold my hands and take me to their son Jesus. I ask them to pray for me, so I could completely spend this time with their son.

A tip during Community Prayer:
When I pray with a community, or during our family prayer, I invite, Mary and the saints to join us. Imagine praising God together with a heavenly choir!

Tips on Teaching Children to Pray
I find it easy to help children to pray, where there is a picture or statue of Jesus. It is important to tell them that ‘this is what Jesus might have looked like. But in fact, Jesus lives within your heart’. Children love something visual and it is the same when teaching about Mary and the saints.

Some might disagree, and ask ‘why not pray direct to God?’ Why do we have to ask saints to intercede on behalf of us?

My opinion is, ‘You can pray direct to God and it is really good if you have built that personal relationship with God’. Yet, there is no harm in asking saints to pray for us. It is similar to asking your parents to say a prayer for you, or asking a friend to pray for you.

How much more beneficial it would be to ask for God’s blessings through the merits of saints? They lived a good life, and their good works will not be overlooked by God.

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