The Body and Blood of Christ

Do Catholics really consume the Body and Blood of Christ?

Body and Blood of Christ

Let alone non-believers some Catholics themselves do not believe that Jesus is truly present in the Holy Eucharist.  Yet through the words of Jesus in the Bible we clearly see that the Body and Blood of Christ is truly present in the bread and wine which is consecrated during the sacrificial offering of the Holy Mass.

In order to understand this, we will first look at the Old Testament of the Bible and the history of this sacrificial offering. 

Exodus 24:6-8 state:

Moses then took half the blood and put it into basins,
and the other half he sprinkled on the altar.

Then, taking the Book of the Covenant,
he read it to the listening people, who then said,
“We shall do everything that Yaweh has said; we shall obey.”

Moses then took the blood and sprinkled it over the people, saying,
“This is the blood of the covenant which Yaweh has made with you,
entailing all these stipulations.”

Sacrificial Offering

The blood of an unblemished animal such as a lamb was used as a sacrificial offering by the chosen people of God in order to cleanse the sinner. 

The covenant made with blood between God and the sinner existed long before Christ came to the world.

Yet God loved us so much that he sent Jesus, His only Son as the sacrificial lamb.  Therefore, the Body and blood of Christ became the sacrificial offering to form the new covenant between God and man.

Behold the Lamb of God

In John chapter 1:29, John the Baptist proclaims: 

“Look, there is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world”.

This fact that Jesus is the sacrificial lamb is again proven in Hebrews 9:11-15 of the Bible.

But now Christ has come, as the high priest of all the blessings which were to come.

He has passed through the greater, the more perfect tent,
not made by human hands, that is, not of this created order;
and he has entered the sanctuary once and for all,
taking with him not the blood of goats and bull calves,
but his own blood, having won an eternal redemption.

Blood of Christ

The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of
a heifer sprinkled on those who have incurred
defilement, may restore their bodily purity;
how much more then will the blood of Christ
who offered himself blameless as he was to
God through the eternal Spirit, purify our
conscience from dead actions
so that we can worship the living God.

This makes him the mediator of a new
covenant, so that, now that a death has
occurred to redeem the sins committed under
an earlier covenant, those who have been
called to an eternal inheritance may receive the promise.

The above scripture reading puts me in Awe!  Does God love us so much that he took a human form and let His flesh be torn apart and shed his blood, so we can inherit eternal life?

We know that Jesus loved us so much that He wanted to stay with us till the end of time (Gospel of Matthew 28:20).  Why can’t we then believe that Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist in order to stay with us, when He asked His Apostles to continue the sacrificial offering in remembrance of Him (Gospel of Luke 22:19). 

Eucharist Consecration

This is the very reason, that the consecration of bread and wine takes place during a Holy Mass and the Eucharist becomes the central point of worship for Catholics.

Sadly other churches only try to imitate this as a remembrance of the Lord’s Supper sharing biscuits and drinks as they do not have a consecration or the sacrificial offering of Holy Mass.

We Catholics are blessed and can be assured that when we receive Holy Communion, the Body and Blood of Christ is truly present in the Holy Eucharist.

Take it and eat, this is my body

The Gospel of Matthew 26: 26-28 of the Bible states:

Now as they were eating, Jesus took
bread,and when he had said the
blessing he broke it and gave it to
the disciples; “Take it and eat”,
He said, “this is my body”.

Then he took a cup, and when he had
given thanks he handed it to them
saying, “Drink from this, all of you
for this is my blood, the blood of
the covenant, poured out for many
for the forgiveness of sins”.


These were Jesus’ own words and He gives himself as food for our souls. Therefore, we should have no doubt that when we consume the consecrated bread and wine during mass we in fact consume the Body and Blood of Christ.

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