What is Family Prayer About?

family prayer

The Family Prayer website is about teaching children how to pray and how to build a personal relationship with God.  Most importantly, we are to help our children know and feel that God loves them.

Parents, teachers, catechists and carers of young children can use the information on this website to teach children about God, about Jesus and his saints, about the Church, the sacraments and ways of improving faith within our families. Click through the links on this faith based website and you will find many prayers for Catholic and Christian parents.

When I became a mom, it was the greatest thing that happened to me. I knew right away that this little soul was a precious gift from God.

Children a precious gift from God

God is so wonderful ... I felt ... I wanted to gift my child back to God. The only way I could do this was to teach my children to love and serve God.  I realised then, how important family prayer is for our growth towards God.

Raising children towards God was not easy, specially, with our own weaknesses; yet the desire and the effort was worthwhile. After all, God is our loving Father and God helped us right along through Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Guide your children towards God

I know my mission now is to help you: specially young moms and dads who want to guide your children towards God.  This is a challenging task in today's culture, where importance is given to the unimportant: money, fashion, being famous, being in power, job status and all forms of vanity.  I hope my website will give you lots of information, tips and resources to guide your children towards God.

What type of information would I find at Family Prayer?

You will find information such as:

The ultimate goal of our Family Prayer is, to help young children experience God's unconditional Love for them. 

Experiencing God's unconditional love

Experiencing God’s love in an intimate way is the most beautiful experience one could have. Our children need to feel that an awesome God loves them, no matter who they are or what they do: God loves them UNCONDITIONALLY.   This is the biggest gift, we parents could give our children.

Although, Family Prayer is Catholic based, it is open to all Christian parents and even non-Christians who want to know more about God, about Jesus and his teachings.

I invite you to be partners with me, and where ever possible to subscribe your knowledge and experiences to this website.

Remember to book mark this page so you can come back easily for prayer resources.  I will be adding new pages on a regular basis: You can receive information about the latest additions through our Family Prayer Blog.  If you like our website, please be kind enough to pass on the link www.family-prayer.org to your family, friends, colleagues and your church community. 

Thank You.

With Love and God’s Blessings,

Candida Irugalbandara
(Author of Family Prayer website)

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